The Bunkhouse

The Corona Motel Bunkhouse is now ready for New Mexico travelers! Affordable and clean sleeping accommodations in central New Mexico! Includes shower and full laundry room. This is a fantastic option for small groups, and folks looking to save money on lodging while traveling. Full size bed only $45.00, and a twin bed is only $35.00 per night! You can also rent the entire bunkhouse for only $115.00 plus tax per night!

The Corona Motel Bunkhouse

The Corona Motel Bunkhouse

New Mexico offers motorcyclists wonderful open roads, mountainous landscapes, and open vistas. Be sure to include the Corona Motel’s Bunkhouse in your travel plans!

New Mexico Traveler's Bunkhouse

New Mexico Traveler’s Bunkhouse

Our bunkhouse is the perfect option for bicyclists, as well as truckers. Full shower and laundry room in the building!